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    Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons by Steve Stine (23, Step-by-step Lessons)

    You finally found free acoustic guitar lessons… This is a complete, step-by-step guide to playing guitar for beginners. Here, you’ll discover everything you need to start playing guitar. Like how to hold your guitar, easy chords, and strumming patterns—plus you’ll learn your first songs and more! Check out the videos below to get started and […]

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    5 Tips For Learning Guitar as an Adult

    You’ve got to face it… Like me, you’re getting older… And with age comes wisdom, sure, but age also comes with a lot of other things that aren’t so great. Like muscle and joint pain. Or stiff fingers. Or a sore back. Getting older can literally be painful. But here’s the good news: getting older […]

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    Easy and Essential Elements for Learning Acoustic Guitar Techniques

    If you’ve been wondering how someone can play any song on guitar right away and almost without any rehearsing, you’ll find the answer in the following lines. When it comes to playing the acoustic guitar, several things stand out as key elements for this skill. These are a stable rhythm of strumming, and playing chords […]

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    How To Play Chords Easier And Faster

    In this article, you’ll discover how to play chords more effectively and how to strum more effectively, so you can combine both things and sound awesome when you play songs on your acoustic guitar. When you’re first starting out, you learn how to make chords like A, G, or others, and sometimes you can strum […]

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