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    How to Create Guitar Melody From Simple Chords

    In this article, you’ll discover simple ways to create your own killer melodies from simple guitar chords. This article is one of three tutorials, and each one is designed to help you create awesome guitar melodies, so you can create your own songs or combine them with others you already know. This is a great […]

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    How To Play Chords Easier And Faster

    In this article, you’ll discover how to play chords more effectively and how to strum more effectively, so you can combine both things and sound awesome when you play songs on your acoustic guitar. When you’re first starting out, you learn how to make chords like A, G, or others, and sometimes you can strum […]

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    How To Play Songs On Your Guitar: Learn the Easiest Way to Learn Guitar

    Rhythm is a crucial element of all styles of music. Whether you’re talking about rock, blues, bluegrass, jazz, funk, country, folk, or any other style of music, rhythm is what holds everything together. And sometimes – like with reggae and ska, for example – a certain type of rhythm is what defines the style. Rhythm […]

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