Here’s What Other Guitarists Say About Steve Stine

  • I'm not embarrassed. I'm much more confident and willing to show people what I've learned.

    Larry Yokom
    Saint Paul, United States
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  • Steve builds you and shows you, and he helps you get there in every sense.

    William Denton
    Dewitt, United States
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  • Steve really impressed me with how much he knows and how he goes about instructing.

    Edward Guthrie
    Fayetteville, United States
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I'm glad that I did it. I'm having a lot of fun.

Al Peery

Charleston, United States
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Playing guitar has never been this much fun and you'll love showing off your new skills to friends and family

  • I'm amazed with just how much improvement I've seen in my own guitar playing.

    Don Ball

    Centreville, United States
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  • You'll learn things that change the way you play.

    Samuel Wenger

    Palmer, United States
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  • You're gonna be surprised. You're gonna learn a lot very quickly.

    Thomas Santoro

    Lynbrook, United States
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  • Steve does it in a nice, concise way, not too fast, not too slow.

    David Taylor
    San Jose, United States
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  • I can go through his lessons and then ask questions in the community about them.

    Michael Mullaby
    Albuquerque, United States
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  • I'm making progress every day. Thanks Steve.

    Michael Internicola
    Santa Rosa, United States
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The lessons are easy to learn. You'll progress quite well. Do it.

David Poffenberger

Ivins, United States
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Become part of a fun, friendly community that will inspire and support you through every step of your guitar journey

  • It's clear, precise and I can follow along really well.

    Jim Curtsinger

    Garland, United States
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  • It's not often, that you find a really good guitar player that is actually also a really good teacher.

    Hugh Thomson

    San Jose, United States
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  • I have definitely improved and I enjoy it immensely.

    Melina Kyres

    Ashburn, United States
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  • It's clear, it's concise, it's understandable... It's money well spent.

    Danny Bates
    Gunzenhausen, Germany
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  • What I'd really say is definitely take Steve Stine's course. I think you would find it really, really beneficial.

    Demetrio Guzzardi
    Calgary, Canada
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  • One major problem that I had was just being lost. Steve helped me find the way.

    Jared Harrison
    Van Buren, United States
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I discovered your courses. I find them great. It's a complete guitar journey and I learned something every week.

Philip Maries

Redditch, United Kingdom
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  • Steve's not only an incredible player, but he's an incredible communicator.

    Steve Fieldman

    Burlington, Canada
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  • Steve Stine is the teacher that I have been looking for a long time

    Jimmy Hicks

    Caldwell, United States
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  • I have much more timing and more speed... it's so much competence and skills that Steve is giving to everyone.

    Kent Lundström

    Västervik, Sweden
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  • I like the style, I like the mannerisms, and I like the way in which Steve explains things.

    Vic Galpin
    Cambridge, United Kingdom
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  • It's fun hearing from lots of people from around the world.

    Philip Maries
    Redditch, United Kingdom
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  • I would say this is the right place to start.

    Tatiana Babushkina
    Cork, Ireland
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I feel like now I have a clear path of learning and what I need to do to get better at playing guitar.

Timmothy Croghan

Toronto, Canada
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Skyrocket your guitar playing with step by step courses that make it easy to play more songs and create awesome guitar solos in just minutes per day

  • Simple, and I just recommend it for everyone.

    Asaad Saleh

    Beirut, Lebanon
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  • Steve took away my anxiety to learn theory and he's a friendly, helpful, and competent person.

    Eckhardt Gehde

    Hannover, Germany
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  • This is absolutely one of the best classes I've ever taken.

    Steve Dadds

    Gilbert, United States
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  • Everybody is supportive and it's a very fun community.

    Elias Saleh
    Matn, Lebanon
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  • Discovering Steve Stine changed so much for me in terms of my playing. The results have been outstanding.

    Naheed Ismail
    Nairobi, Kenya
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  • I can just tell that Steve loves teaching and that makes all the difference.

    Larry Doane
    Mount Juliet, United States
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I never expected to be this far ahead, playing rhythms and starting to solo. Thank you so very much, Steve Stine.

Matthew Symons

Perth, Australia
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  • It made the fretboard much, much simpler and easier to understand than I have imagined it to be.

    Geoffrey Elliott

    Sudbury, United Kingdom
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  • My playing has improved dramatically.

    Lane Barber

    Sault Sainte Marie, United States
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  • Power Chord Creativity

    An easy way to form and use "exotic" chords.

  • Creative Blues Soloing

    Great - loved the progression by addition of new notes and concepts

  • Music Theory Masterclass

    Fantastic teacher

  • Music Theory Masterclass

    The theory is starting to sink in and I'm looking forward to the rest of the course. Great so far!!

  • Melodic Soloing

    Great course. Looking forward to moving on to another soloing course, as I'm looking to improve my improv, etc. Thanks Steve.

  • Play Your First Song

    It makes it fun.

  • Power Chord Creativity

    Lots of great ideas for making great sounding riffs just by changing one note of a power chord here or there. I’ve noticed a lot of these techniques used by some of favorite players (especially George Lynch) but now I know the theory behind what they were doing and even have some ideas for some other things I’d like to try.

  • Music Theory Made Easy 2.0

    Clear and comprehensive.

  • 36 Metal Licks

    Perfect explanations as always!!!

  • Guitar in 8 Weeks

    I like it that Steve is very encouraging and takes time to explain every aspect. I learned to take it slow even though I am impatient to move on.

  • Bluegrass Guitar with Rob Ashe

    New Warm Up technique very helpful.

  • CAGED Made Simple

    This course delivers as promised. For the first time, I could see what all the fuss about the CAGED system was about, and how it works to give you so much more flexibility in where and how you play. Steve's introduction to the system is an illuminating and useful way to start exploring the options it offers. Thank you Steve!

  • Chord Chasing Mastery

    Good foundational concepts

  • Play Guitar For Life

    The course fills in the gaps in my knowledge.

  • Unlocking The Fretboard Connection

    Expanded what I had learned about the basic pentatonic scale. This will take a lot of time to digest but I will include it as part of my daily practice (meandering along the fretboard).

  • Play Guitar For Life

    I have learned a LOT from this course. It does have some parts from other courses so if your wondering where to start this in my humble opinion would be a good place to start. It covers things from the basics to more advanced items. I have not completed the course yet and I would caution you if you are thinking of purchasing this course and completing it in a couple of weeks you might be disappointed. This course is designed to get you up to speed playing guitar but doing so at your own individual pace. I have watched segments several times before moving on and find myself going back to review. It may be be play guitar for life but it is a course you can keep reviewing for life, and likely will.

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Great Course, Acoustic Awesome. Top Teacher.

  • Music Theory Masterclass

    It is the foundation of all musical expression.

  • Barre Chords Made Easy

    I'm enjoying the course. I haven't got to the part that makes it easy. The doing it part is definitely going to take some time.

  • Acoustic Guitar

    I end up playing rhythm guitar at most blues jams. The singers and bass players like me because I play small chords and stay out of the way. I refer to this course quite a bit looking for fill kicks to supplement a blues shuffle or cut boogie. Steve is an outstanding teacher. His friendly approach to the material really inspires you to continue to peel away at the onion.

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